• Hawk Technology LLC. - Solutions Overview

Push to Talk International own, operate and maintain a  Digital PTT service from the UK’s premier hosted centre at Canary Wharf. You can be assured that the infrastructure, hardware and software is kept at a secure location, has 100% resilience, which includes power, connectivity both the the internet and to the networks. Many traditional radio systems have very limited resliance as the cost is simply too high compared to the risk for most individual companies to justify.

The Push to Talk service features:
1. Ability to call individuals or Pre- Set groups

2. Create Ad-hoc groups on the fly

3. Add new people into a live session.

4. Send individual or group messages.

5. Audit all calls and messages

6. Call and be called on our PC client both in vehicle Mobile Data Terminal or desktop.

7. Locate individuals or groups

8. Create and send short code messages ideal for lone workers.

9. Send emergency calls

10. Option to record all calls and messages and replay location history

The Digital Push to Talk service is designed to exacting standards for professionals who demand and need fast, secure and reliable communications nationwide and internationally. Communicators are at the heart of our service, we understand and know the demands that are on time and resources. Clear, concise information, coordinated quickly without fuss is what we offer. You and your teams need to make decisions often quickly and of the second as situations develop and information to make those decisions is often critical. Our solutions are designed to provide you fast, clear and intuitive tools to help you make those decisions.