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Push To Talk United Arab Emirates service makes international wide (GCC) group communications across mobile wireless GPRS and broadband IP networks a reality.  Push the button on your YouPoC phone and you can talk to your entire team together, instantly, in real time, wherever you or they are.
Our Push To Talk solutions now mean that the coverage, cost and timing issues of setting up, owning, managing and moving infrastructure deployments to get two way radio communications in the locations users require them, are no longer applicable.
If your activities require you to be mobile, so should your mobile and two way group communications. Put YouPoC push to talk in the pocket of your people and they have both mobile and two way radio wide area communications, wherever you deploy them and without the need to plan or wait for dedicated communications to be bought in and set up.
Whether you are involved in road building and maintenance, construction or facilities management operations, utilities or security, event management or field service, courier operations or taxi firms, YouPoC gives you the convenience to connect with your groups wherever you have mobile network GPRS coverage, whenever you need to. YouPoC push to talk services also offer enhanced flexibility in deployment allowing you to control the way group communications are set up and deployed on the service to mirror your real time team needs.

Phones used for our PTT Services:
• Sonim XP3.10 Enduro
• Sonim XP3.20 Quest PRO
• Land Rover LR-S1
• JCB Pro Talk
• Any Android Mobile Device (tested on HTC, ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, ViewSonic)
• Motorola DEFY plus