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The transition from a two way radio to a cellular phone is an important step and a careful consideration needs to be taken. What tasks are you and your teams required to fulfill? Are your teams  working in harsh environments, such as  noisy factories or at the roadside ? Are your staff rail workers or security staff who have to work in all weathers and need devices that wont let them down?.  Do you and your staff need a simple radio with only voice or does your task require you to fill out electronic forms, run other applications in parallel?

We only offer devices  with exceptional performance such as excellent loudspeakers, tough outer cases that are IP rated devices to ensure that the device is strong, capable and perform better than the radio. Clearly with a cellular phone you can take for granted that you will get better battery life, lighter, easier to carry, easier to use and much better value.

The cellular market does change regularly and we invest a huge amount of time investigating and exploring what is happening in the world of manufacturers devices, and how we can work on getting our customers the best of the best. See our list of supported handsets  and tablets. We have also developed specialist accessories which offer additional flexibility, Remote Speaker Mics for exceptionally loud environments, ear hangers, bluetooth ear defenders and covert products see our list of accessories on the Accessories page