• Hawk Technology LLC. - Mobil Health

Mobile Health Monitoring System:

Installed in MM830 and MM835BB, our mobile health monitoring application supports below medical devices:

  • Blood pressure meter,
  • Ear thermometer,
  • Oximeter,
  • Blood glucose meter,
  • ECG monitor.

All obtained results data can be automatically send to the monitoring centre
by SMS or GPRS (hospital, doctor, patient relative, etc.)

MH100BP, Wrist type blood pressure/pulse meter
Measuring range: 40mmHg~280mmHg, 40-160
hypo/minute, Pressure ±5mmHg; Pulse ±5%

MH500OX, Fingertip Oximeter measure oxygen
saturation and pulse rate value
Measuring range: 35%~100% ±3%

MH300GM, Blood Glucose Meter
Measuring range: 2.2mmol/l~27.8mmol/l

MH600ECG, Easy ECG Monitor
Heart rate measuring range: 30bpm~240bpm ≤±2bpm
ECG waveform displayed on the phone

MH200ET, IR Ear Thermometer
Measuring range: 32.0°C~ 42.9°C, +/- 0.2°C