• Hawk Technology LLC. - Solutions Overview

Unlike the quick Download PTT applications which you will see on various market places. Push to Talk International are dedicated to Quality of service delivery. This means that when you make a call you get through every time and with no packet loss We do this by ensuring that your communications are routed away from the Public open APN’s and either hosted by us under our Corporate APN or you have the option to go Direct Connect.

Many of our Corporate customers already have their Own ” Access Point Name” (APN) as part of their Corporate contract for GSM and data connection with their chosen network supplier.

This APN allows them to have what we call “Direct Connect” allowing Corporate customers to take advantage of putting PTT on their Own Sims via their own APN, connected to our PTT service via a dedicated IPSEC tunnel. This saves cost, increases flexibility and gives you more control. – Direct Connect – The best way to get all in one GSM, Data & PTT services.