• Hawk Technology LLC. - Solutions Overview


At the heart of our solution is our Control Room Product the Push to Talk Dispatcher, this comprehensive product combines  multiple feeds onto one clear and intuitive screen display. Presence of users is a key attribute of Push to Talk the ability of knowing if your user is on or off eliminates many wasted calls.  a simple drag and drop open channels and creates the “session window” here you can easily manage the calls, have multiple calls, create adhoc sessions by simply joining groups and individuals. The creation of a group is Dynamic and simple taking only 2-3 minutes.

The Dispatcher product allows live recording of all sessions with simple click to play back, individual and group messaging should you wish to send instructions via message rather than voice you can easily send group messages, Location, this critical feature is simple to operate, accurate and offer detailed historical data of locations Lone worker protection and Monitoring: The need to provide monitoring of Lone workers is ever increasing, Our solution gives you complete peace of mind that you can Monitor lone workers anywhere in the country. We promote the use of proactive monitoring, whereby users register location and time stamping automatically via a simple short code send to the dispatch position. This input automatically alerts the Operator where and when the worker is with a visual display. Timers are set by you on a job basis i.e if a worker enters a known hazardous area a timer is set to make contact automatically with that worker. If when that contact is made and the worker fails to respond the system automatically alerts the operator to take action and follow escalation procedures.

 At our HQ we run a support centre which utilises our own Product to communicate with our customers, what better way can we demonstrate the capability than to use our own products daily?

This ensures that at any time with your permission we can open a session with you and your teams help train new recruits, triage simple issues and provide support.