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Accessories play an important part of any professional radio deployment. We have worked with a number of manufacturers in creating the right blend of accessories to enhance the devices, make the usage of devices and dispatchers even more capable.
 The remote speaker microphone (RSM) is available for the Sonim XP3.20 and Nokia 6212 devices. These are self powered and self amplified RSMs and take no power from the handset whilst in operation. These come with a mini USB wall charger

The PTT enabled Ear hook earpiece is available for the Sonim XP3.20. This is used for semi-covert operations and can be used when connected to the handset at chest or waist level.

The PTT enabled GSM style ear bud accessory connects directly to the Sonim XP3.20 and is similar to teh Ear Hook version but in a form factor closer to a simple audio earpiece

Push To Talk International also provide receive only accessories and accoustic tubes in similar form factors. Call for more details.