• Hawk Technology LLC. - About Us

Founded in April 2011, HAWK Technology LLC. is solely formed in order to give service in the following fields in Gulf Region:

• Consulting Services
• Acoustics and Vibration Control Projects
• Telecommunications, Push to Talk and Mobile Health Services
• Augmented Reality for Mobile World
• Augmented Structures
• Project Management

Consulting Services:
We provide our clients in greater efficiencies in a more controlled environment, with improved transparency.
Our consulting service areas are operational excellence, operational risk management and business continuity planning.

Acoustics and Vibration Control :
Environmental, Industrial acoustics and vibration control projects, quality control / detection / automation for manufacturing.

Telecommunications :
Instant Push to Talk services over existing operator’s GSM stations using GPRS with various mobile devices.
Mobile Health Services thru Maxcom handsets and any Android / IOS device (2013).
Maxcom mobile products exclusive distribution for the Gulf Region

Augmented Reality :
Our HAWK A.R. Team has been the leader A.R. developer in Turkey and our designs will add virtual attraction to your life thru mobile devices improving sales, popularity, marketing values of your company.

Augmented Structures :
HAWK We Dream Team 3D objects designs supported by high power projection devices for your building will be the key element on openings, events, attractive presentations.