• Hawk Technology LLC. - Acoustics

Our expert team is ready to find solutions for all your acoustical needs in building, environmental or in industrial projects:
Building Acoustics: Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls, Airports, Business / Call Centers etc.
Environmental Acoustics: Noise control that affect buildings used for various subjects; hospitals, schools, residency areas, governmental offices where noise creates problem in understanding each other, or loss of concentration:

1. Sound Measurements
• Outside environmental noises from all sources
• Mechanical noises, such HVAC, traffic noise, etc
• For sound transmission reduction levels in buildings
• Reverberation levels in buildings
• For research in frequency on a specific noise we can record several days in continuum
• Noise potential in a workshop


2. Reports and Counsels
• About measurements or a project,
• Comparing levels and local codes and ordinances
• On propagation risks and possible consequences
3. Computer Modeling
We utilize the latest noise prediction softwares, to create computer models to eliminate the guess work. Odeon, Bastian, CadnaA, Insul etc.